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Geraldine Mae Moses

October 21, 1954 ~ August 3, 2018 (age 63)
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Geraldine Mae Moses


Ocotber 21, 1954 – August 3, 2018 


     Geraldine was born October 21, 1954 to Jerry & Hazel (Jordan) Moses in San Carlos, AZ.  She attended Fort Thomas Elementary thru High School where she fell in love with Home Economics, and this is where her love of sewing & cooking began.

     As a teenager, she began her Christian journey by participating with the church choir.  She also traveled near and fa with Rose Marie, Evelyn, Carilou, Pastor Evens and Rosie Rope.  Dinnie always said “I been to Miracle Valley”.  She made many friends along this journey and cherished her close friendship with Bishop Kenneth Beacon of Texas.  In May of 1973, she graduated from Fort Thomas High School. 

     On September 8, 1975, at the age if 21, she was preceded in death by her mother, Hazel (Jordan) Moses and two days later, on September 10th, she was preceded in death by her father Jerry Moses.  Geraldine did not hesitate to take on the responsibility of her seven younger siblings (Esther, Margie, Terry, Shirley, Gerald, Velda, and Vonda), she was the second oldest of 9 children. Dorothy was already married at the time. Dinnie never complained that she missed out on being a teenager or a younger adult. With what limited income she had she made sure that every one of her brothers and sisters were well taken care of. She made sure that every day before leaving for school that breakfast was made, and a hot meal was waiting for her siblings when they returned from school. She showed her family unconditional love, as well as taught them to pray, how to take care of each other, and the importance of family. In 1980, the family was faced with another devastating loss, the loss of their youngest brother Gerald “Oh” Moses.

      In 1981 Dinnie met Norman Lang, the father of her two children, Noryn Jer-el Moses and Nia Denise Lang. They together were preceded in death by their only daughter Nia. Norman and Dinnie did what they could to help support all the siblings, Shirley was still in high school when Tasha was born. They decided to take on the responsibility to help raise Tasha while Shirley returned to school. To this day Norman and Dinnie referred to Tasha as their baby.

      Geraldine resided in her family home on the Evergreen Ranch of RBC in Bylas, AZ. This was the gathering place for the entire family especially during the holidays, to just sit and enjoy ones company or to play cards. It took one person to call and say let’s play cards at momma’s house and we would find ourselves playing into the wee hours of the night. Dinnie had such a big heart, she always had a jar full of candy for the kids, she always cooked a big meal, and of you hadn’t eaten yet she made sure you did. She had a famous guacamole dip. You can try to follow her instructions, but it never tastes the same. She always said, “You forgot to add LOVE to the recipe that’s why it don’t taste right.” She loved Evergreen Ranch, she would be up early watering her morning glories, and every tree in her yard. She has over 100 trees and has a name for every single one. The only one we can remember is Sally. She always said she walked around watering her trees and would pray for every single one of them, but in that prayer, she would also include her children, family, community, first responders, the elders, the sick, and inmates. She was selfless in her prayers.  Momma would sit out under her trees enjoying her sunflower seeds and soda. One day she was sitting outside with Shirley when she said, “Ehh Base, I’m just sitting here enjoy my seeds and I don’t think I swallowed it. I think it’s somewhere in my mouth still.” They laughed together as Shirley tried to tell her, “Let me look for it.” Her soda, she always had a 44 oz soda in her hand, never anything smaller. One time, she and Esther were out on one of their road trips Esther bought her a water bottle and Dinnie just laughed and said, “Eh this has no flavor.” Reggae music brought her enjoyment, an understanding only she can describe. When the music played you would never find her sitting down, because she was always the first on the dance floor. Her last dedication at KYAY, she spoke with the GodFather Ardell and requested to play Mary J. Blige’s “Family Affair” for her brothers and sisters and that she loved them from Geri Moses of Evergreen Ranch. She loved making her song requests or shout outs to her family or even herself. Dinnie had many special qualities she will be remembered for, one being sewing. She loved making camp dresses, blankets, pillows, bags, etc. She had made for herself two dresses that had the reggae colors and a picture of Bob Marley, she loved her dresses so much.

     In 1992 she met her companion of 26 years, Curtis Quade. You would never hear Dinnie call him by his name, it was always queer or Curt. She was not employed but Curtis always made sure her needs were met. The Quade family shared a story of how they met… One day Dinnie was getting out of a truck, she turned and told Brian, “Tell your Uncle Curtis I like him and ask if he wants to be my boyfriend. I’m not one of those lazy ladies he likes. I can cook, clean, and make bread outside.” She told Brian, “Watch I’m going to be your Auntie one day.” When Curtis was told what Dinnie had said he just laughed. Several days later, they got together and Curtis was asked, “I thought you guys were the ones that flirt with girls?” He replied, “It was my good looks that caught her eyes I guess.” Dinnie responded, “No he’s queer that’s why,” and everyone laughed. The Quade family states that from that day forward she became a member of their family for 26 years. Curtis wanted the family to know that he loved Dinnie, he made sure that he gave her kisses and will cherish all the memories they made together. Curtis was not just her companion but became family to the rest of us, to the children of the family he is grandpa. 

     Geraldine was a "tomboy" while growing up. She was mean, tough, and often playing with the boys in the community. 

     She was the second oldest of 8 children.  

     After she had graduated from high school in May 1973, she unfortunately lost her parents. She then took on the huge responsibility of raising her brother and sisters. She didn't want the children to separate to different homes and families. Her youngest sister, Vonda, was still a baby, and she willingly put her life on hold and raised each one of her siblings into some responsible individuals. Her siblings then grew up and started families of their own.  

    "Auntie Dinnie" is what she was known as to everyone. She was the life of the party and always the first to dance whether there were people on the dancefloor or not. Her favorite genre to dance to was reggae. There she was lifting her legs to the beat of the music. One song she loved and always requested on KYAY Radio was "Family Affair" by Mary J. Blige. "Play my song!" is what she'd yell out. 

     Auntie Dinnie enjoyed sewing. She made many beautiful campdresses, purses, bags, blankets, and pillows. Her main income source was sewing, to pay her bills which she always made and met the amount. She was very talented and well known for sewing. Dinnie would sit in her sewing room with her hair in a bun, music playing, and create her beautiful crafts.

     Auntie Dinnie always had a smile on her face. She loved to laugh and joke. When we'd gather together and play Apache cards, she always invited her "imaginary friend" Suzie and somehow she or Suzie would always win the game. She liked to attend the Casino with Curtis and there she made many many friends. 

     Auntie Dinnie was the backbone of our growing family. If we had a problem or concerns, she was the go to person and always had the right words to share. Sometimes we'd hesitate and didn't want to hear her lecture on right from wrong, but of course we listened. After her talks and visits, she never ceased to give you a hug and tell you how much she loved you. Her heart was so big and filled with lots of love. She was very giving and taught us to lend a helping hand when someone is in need. Auntie's house was the place to go and she never said "no," but welcomed everyone to eat and help themselves. Her faith was so big. She shared many stories of when she tested her faith and God answered her prayers. In the early mornings and evenings, you could catch her watering her beautiful yard and praying. She prayed for everyone and everything--family, RBC, community, churches, Tribal Council, military, and etc.

     Auntie Dinnie loved her son NoNo. He was definitely "momma's boy." Though NoNo was her only son, she treated all of us as her own. She was proud of each and everyone (siblings, nieces, nephews, and cousins) in their own areas, whether it was graduating, job related, joining the military, etc. She was proud and let the whole world know. She made homemade signs and hung them on her fence.

     Auntie is a great loss to our family. She was our mother and grandma. She was special to each of us. She leaves behind her son Noryn, companion Curtis, 6 sisters (Dubby, Annie, Mutty, Basie, Roe-Bee, Endah), one brother (Terry), granddaughter NorMisha, and many nieces, nephews, and friends.

     On August 3, 2018 in Safford, AZ our beloved Dinnie went home to be with the Lord. She is Survived by her son Noryn Moses, companion Curtis Quade, her sisters Dorothy (Valentine) Henry, Esther (Talbot) Upshaw, Margie (Clifford) Lang, Shirley (Victor) Kitcheyan, Velda (Peterson) Harvey, Vonda Moses and brother Terry (Cordella) Moses, Granddaughter Normisha Moses, and her 22 nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents Jerry and Hazel (Jordan) Moses, her brother Gerald Moses, and her daughter Nia Denise Lang. 

     Thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving Dinnie to us for 63 beautiful years, in that time she taught us many things throughout our lives, but most importantly she taught us the importance of prayer and the meaning of family. She always said by the grace of God he will lead us through the storms together. To LOVE one another, to pick each other up when someone is down. She raised us to be resilient men and women down to our children and grandchildren. We are a family that prays together and stays together. We will forever carry you in our hearts, we love you Dinn.

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